Beautiful Hands - Old Hands

Do you have old hands? A friend recently commented that the skin on the top of her hands has aged even more than her facial skin. She wanted to know what to do about her old hands.

In a recent blog post, I discussed the hand lift, a surgical procedure that can convert older-looking hands into younger looking ones in minutes. And while that is certainly an option to the dilemma of old hands, you may want to consider less invasive and less costly alternatives first.

4 Symptoms of Old Hands

Whether you’re concerned about age spots, crepey skin, conspicuous veins or dryness, the care for your hands isn’t that much different than that of your face. Here’s how to help keep your hands looking more youthful.

  1. Age Spots. Age spots are the result of unprotected exposure to UV rays, whether on your face or on your hands. They tend to show up on the hands of women 50+, but if you are a sun worshipper, they may appear earlier. Protective gloves are fine in winter, but during the warmer months, fight back with antioxidants and sunscreen. Antioxidants, as found in our Bespoke Vitamin C Serums fight against free radical damage caused by UV rays while a sunscreen or SPF hand cream help to protect from UV damage. Remember to reapply the sunscreen after washing your hands.If the age spots are prevalent, you can speak to your dermatologist about a skin lightening cream. Our sister store PharmacyMix carries a wide range of high SPF sunscreens and skin lightening treatments.
  2. Crepey Skin. A decline in collagen and elastin production due to aging and unprotected UV exposure can leave the skin on the back of your hands looking crumpled, saggy and sad. Retinoid treatments – either prescription or over-the-counter treatments – can help to jumpstart the growth of collagen and elastin. A study showed that retinaldehyde, found in A is for Anti-Aging serum, restores collagen and elastin fibers to the level of skin prior to UVA exposure. Apply it at bedtime, after you put it on your face of course!
  3. Dry, Scaly Skin. Everything about dry, scaly skin screams old hands! Keep your hands looking soft and smooth by exfoliating (try Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Polish in the shower or at the sink) and hydrating. We’re particularly fond of our Shea Body Butter. For an extra bit of TLC, slather it on and wrap hands in plastic and don gloves while you sleep.
  4. Prominent Veins. Aging results in a decline in the natural fat cushion that pads our hands. The loss of this padding can become very noticeable, leaving tendons, bones and veins to appear more prominent. If hand veins are staring you in the face, the news isn’t good. The only way to address this issue is to have them removed. Surgery will remove veins at the skin’s surface, leaving deeper veins to take over the work of delivering blood to and from your hands. If surgery isn’t right for you, consider applying a heavy concealer to cover dark veins. As with sunscreen, remember to reapply after washing your hands.

Are you willing to give these a try for your old hands? Or does the hand lift beckon instead?