Apothekari Sugar Body Polish

If you’re a fan of sugar scrubs, you’ll love our new Apothekari Sugar Body Polish! We offer not just one, but two sugar body polishes and we think you’ll love both.

First up is our Lemon Verbena Sugar Body Polish, formulated with a base of shea and olive fruit butters combined with virgin coconut oil. We use fine sugar to deliver light exfoliation that leaves the skin feeling soft and well-moisturized yet not greasy. The unique emulsified texture of this Apothekari Sugar Body Polish ensures that unlike most sugar-based scrubs, it is smooth and never drips excess oil, so it’s easy to apply. The bright aromatic citrus scent makes this polish ideal for aromatherapeutic body treatments or a little pampering in your bath or shower.

Not to be missed is our second polish – Vanilla Rose Sugar Body Polish. Formulated with a similar base to the Lemon Verbena, it features a modern and subtle scent of rose along with a faint hint of vanilla, it too delivers aromatherapeutic benefits or bath time pampering. And, its emulsified texture means you never drip excess oil.

The combination of emollients and oils in both body polishes moisturizes and protects, leaving skin feeling soft and well-moisturized yet never greasy. You may not be aware but sugar offers a couple of interesting benefits to skin:

  1. Sugar is a Natural Humectant. It draws moisture from the environment into the skin helping it to stay hydrated.
  2. Sugar is an Excellent Exfoliant. Sugar’s small particles make an excellent physical exfoliant to exfoliate dead surface skin cells and reveal the glowing, healthy-looking skin underneath. The fine sugar used in our scrubs ensures gentle exfoliation.

We think that these two new products make a great addition to our line-up and we hope that you think so too! Try an Apothekari Sugar Body Polish for a bit of self-care or to delight someone with a special pampering present.