2018 Skin Care Trends – 5 I’m Looking At

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One can’t escape the inevitable ‘lists’ that accompany the start of a new year and the 2018 skin care trends list is one I can’t help but check out. There isn’t just one of course, as every blogger, magazine and article has their own take on which trends will become popular this year. Here are 5 that stand out for me.

1. Bespoke Skin Care

At Apothekari, we’re already doing it! We launched our Bespoke Vitamin C Serums (aka made-to-order/customized)  a few years ago because we understand that some products need to be made to order. Formulated with high concentrations of L-ascorbic acid (aka Vitamin C), our serum also contains green tea extract (potent antioxidant), ferulic acid, Vitamin E and a range of other moisturizing and free radical fighting ingredients. Our made-to-order process ensures that each bottle of Vitamin C serum contains potent, active and unoxidized Vitamin C to ensure that it’s the freshest product available anywhere. Out of all the 2018 skin care trends, we heart this one.

2. Body Care Takes Off

It’s not surprising that most of us pay attention to our faces, but ignore our bodies when it comes to skin care. While you may have already noticed décolleté creams and body oils on shelves, this year, watch out for higher tech serums and creams containing ingredients normally reserved for the face. Even masks, normally reserved for facial care, are making a foray into body care with products specific to the chest, arms and breasts.

3. Free From

While plenty of “all-natural”, “green”, “clean” and “eco” lines are on the market these days, consumer demand is fueling a rise in offerings including “gluten free”, “cruelty free” and “vegan” options as well. It’s easy to get caught up in a claim and assume a product is superior because it is natural, gluten free, cruelty free and/or vegan and companies may be taking advantage of this demand by offering products that may not be what they seem. Unfortunately because many of these term are not regulated, you may not be getting what you paid for. We encourage you to read the ingredient deck and not be afraid to call or write and ask if you need clarification. A good company will stand by its products and not be afraid to give you the information you need to make an informed purchase.

4. Gem Infused Skin Care

Also big in 2017, this 2018 skin care trend may seem a bit woo woo, if New Age isn’t your thing. Fueled by celebrities, gems, including amethyst (claimed to be good for inflammation), malachite and tourmaline (detoxification and energizing) are a few to look out for. All things lunar and solar powered are also having a moment. Keep in mind that there is little, if any, scientific evidence to substantiate crystals’ efficacy when it comes to skin care. But it is kind of fun, isn’t it?!

5. Brands Supporting Causes

A wonderful trend as more people are expected to support brands that “do good”. Brands are recognizing that consumers want to make charitable purchases and are donating a portion of sales to charitable organizations. Do any of the 2018 skin care trends stand out for you?