devinfoto photographyWhen we introduced A is for Anti-Aging, we knew we’d come up with something special. Formulated with a patent pending stabilized retinaldehyde (IconicA) – the immediate precursor to retinoic acid, it promotes collagen production leading to firmer skin. Beyond that however, retinaldehyde is far less irritating to skin than retinol or retinoic acid so all skin types, even sensitive skin, can use it.

We’re delighted that new clinical results confirm what we already know AND deliver more positive news regarding wrinkles, skin tone, skin radiance, skin smoothness and more:

1. Four Week Study – Significant Improvement. An independent evaluation of IconicA in a cream vs the same cream without IconicA showed a statistically significant improvement in clinical grading scores for a number of parameters on the face – radiance/brightness, tactile smoothness, visual smoothness, fine lines, overall photo damage, overall evenness of skin tone and overall appearance – as well as wrinkles on the cheeks, under eye, and crow’s feet areas when compared to baseline scores:

  • 8.9% reduction in Crow’s Feet wrinkles
  • 12.5% reduction in fine lines
  • 14.7% improvement in radiance/brightness
  • 11.4% reduction in under eye wrinkles
  • 9.4% reduction in cheek wrinkles
  • 21.1% improvement in tactile smoothness
  • 10.3% improvement in overall evenness of skin tone

2. Six Week Study – Subjects who used a cream with IconicA for six weeks commented on the dramatic evenness of overall facial complexion, without irritation, burning or stinging like other Vitamin A products used in the past. Neck, decollete were smoother and overall improved tone.

3. GeneMarker Study – Compared to retinaldehyde, IconicA is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, improves skin barrier function, tightens skin and is skin whitening.

4. Wrinkle Reduction Photography Study – Demonstrates a 52% reduction in wrinkles with a Visia-CR, the premier research and development imaging camera and database.


5. Redness Reduction Photography Study – Demonstrates a 70% reduction in redness with a Visia-CR, the premier research and development imaging camera and database.


The stabilized retinaldehyde in A is for Anti-Aging delivers antioxidant, skin whitening and anti-inflammatory benefits while improving skin barrier function and tightening skin. We’re proud to offer this advanced cosmeceutical ingredient in our state of the art Apothekari Dermaceuticals line.

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