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When you pour your heart and soul into getting something right – 2 years in the development of our natural deodorant – it’s exciting to get a bit of Apothekari press!  In this post, positive reviews and some of the coverage we’ve received lately.

Apothekari Press

Deodorant Review

Shortly after introducing our deodorants, I stumbled up Wardrobe Oxygen, a blog run by Alison Gary. Alison writes about fashion, beauty and life, including a running review on deodorants that she’s tried. Spoiler: NONE had made the cut. With the greatest of confidence in the effectiveness of our deodorants, I asked Alison if she’d try our deodorants in exchange for a review. She agreed. After using our deodorants for several weeks, Alison declared our Lavender Bergamot Deodorant a winner! Read more about her experience with Apothekari, including other deodorant brands here. If Alison’s blog isn’t on your radar, it should be; she is funny and honest and a great one to follow.

Apothekari Press

As Seen In BC Business Magazine, Montecristo Magazine & More

More Apothekari press in a couple of local publications including the April issue of BC Business Magazine. In Montecristo Magazine, writer Amanda Ross discusses her experience swapping out antiperspirant for a natural deodorant (ours) during these unusual times. We’re also delighted to have been featured on Canadian blogs and/or social media accounts that we LOVE, including: Visit our Apothekari press page for all the details. It’s an honour to be recognized for the efforts I’ve put into creating naturally safe essentials for beautiful and healthy skin. Thanks all for your support during these extraordinary times. And, stay safe and healthy. sharmani-pillay-founder-apothekari-skincare Apothekari skincare founder promise