Apothekari Skin Solution Table

Beautiful skin doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s as easy as 4 simple steps – Cleanse, Prevent, Protect and Treat.

Apothekari’s full line of skin solutions are designed to protect, prevent damage and improve the health of your skin. We’re all different so we’ve put together this table, based on the most common skin types and concerns to get you started.

If you’re looking for more guidance, fill out our free personalized skin consult and one of our skin care consultants will customize a regimen just for you.

Morning Routine Evening Routine


Step 1: Cleanse – This essential first step lays the foundation for great skin. A regular cleansing routine helps to remove dirt and make-up, which may contribute to blemishes, redness or irritation. It also helps to increase the absorption of active ingredients you apply later and provides a smooth surface to apply make-up.

Step 2: Prevent – Prevention is one of the most important strategies for achieving beautiful skin. Antioxidants are key – applied in the morning, they help to fight against damage generated by exposure to free radicals. At night, they deliver anti-aging protection.

Step 3: Protect – UV rays are responsible for over 85% of skin aging. For this reason, sunscreen is the most important skin care product you’ll ever need. Use it daily, all year around.

Step 4: Treat/Correct – This final step helps to address additional skin concerns that are unique to you.  Whether you have wrinkles and fine lines, dry skin, oily skin/acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation or eye concerns, we have treatments that deliver.