April’s Be Beautiful: Helena

APRIL’S Be Beautiful Apothekari: Helena

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My “Be Beautiful”: Being beautiful means accepting my body and mind and all its flaws.

Helena, 46, Wife, Mother, Stager Extraordinaire and Bargain Huntress

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A is for Anti-Aging helps my skin glow. I have had random people tell me that my skin is great and I owe that to Apothekari. I am a huge cynic!

I have tried lots of over-the-counter products and nothing has ever consistently kept my skin clear, my pores small and my skin tone even. I believe in Apothekari because it WORKS! I love that it does so much and if I ever do have a blemish it helps to quickly make it vanish. A little extra dab of A is for Anti-Aging and it disappears!

Helena’s favourite product is A is for Anti-Aging and she’d love her husband to start using it too!”