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In 2017 we profile 12 real, beautiful women who use Apothekari

December’s Be Beautiful Apothekari – Jackie

It seems fitting to end our Be Beautiful Apothekari Campaign this year with one of the strongest, most remarkable and beautiful women I know, my mother, Jackie! My mother has raised me to believe in myself, follow my heart and take chances because life is too short to fritter it away. She has also been… Read more »

September’s Be Beautiful Apothekari : Silvija

September’s Be Beautiful Apothekari: Silvija My “Be Beautiful”: Being beautiful to me means being happy and confident in my own skin. It sounds cliché, but beauty comes from within. Silvija, 40, Freelance Photographer, Love My Job, Boss of Me. “I am using a wide variety of Apothekari products, but my favourite has to be the A is… Read more »

August’s Be Beautiful Apothekari : Kristina

August’s Be Beautiful Apothekari: Kristina   My “Be Beautiful”: Feeling comfortable in one’s own skin. Kristina, 50. Web Content Creator, Small Business Owner, Political Junkie, Wife, Mother, Lover of Good Food & Good People.   “I’ve been using Apothekari’s “A is for Anti-Aging” product for a few years now and love it! My fair, Scandinavian… Read more »

July’s Be Beautiful Apothekari: Joanne

July’s Be Beautiful Apothekari: Joanne My “Be Beautiful”: To me to “Be Beautiful” means to always be myself. Apothekari skincare helps me to look and feel the best version of me. Joanne, 45. Wife, Mother, Food Lover, Avid Walker & Neat Freak.   “My favourite Apothekari product is Bespoke Vitamin C 10% Serum. My day doesn’t feel… Read more »

February’s Be Beautiful Apothekari: Danielle

 February’s Be Beautiful Apothekari: Danielle My “Be Beautiful”: Having nice, bright, healthy skin and being fit, plus being happy and peaceful really helps. Danielle’s favorite products include Bespoke Vitamin C 15% Serum  and AHA-Mazing Clean Exfoliating Cleansing Gel. Danielle, 49, Business Instructor Save Save Save