Who doesn’t want their skin to look younger? Desiring younger looking skin doesn’t mean that we want to look like we’re twenty, but that we want skin that’s healthy and beautiful, and which reflects how young we feel inside. In this post, we’ll discuss how this 1 step at night – adding a retinoid, to your nighttime skincare routine, can help you look younger without much effort at all.

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Our favourite retinoid is retinaldehyde, which you’ll find in our A is for Anti-Aging Serum, because it delivers results without the irritation associated with most other retinoids, including retinol and prescription retinoic acid. It’s a topic we’ve discussed before:

Read on to learn more about how the regular use of A is for Anti-Aging can improve your skin’s appearance, below.


Look Younger With Fewer Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines may be a natural part of aging, but they make us appear older. Our genes are partly to blame, but external factors like sun exposure, pollution, smoking and facial expressions, also contribute to their development.

As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin, fibers which give skin strength and flexibility. Additionally, UV rays and free radicals from sun exposure and pollution, also break down these tissues. It’s one of the reasons that wrinkles appear more prominently on our face, neck and hands, areas which are more frequently exposed to the sun.

Retinoids, like retinaldehyde (found in our A is for Anti-Aging Serum), give us a fighting chance. Obtained from Vitamin A, studies have shown that retinaldehyde not only helps to preserve existing collagen, it also helps to increase the production of collagen leading to fewer fine lines and wrinkles and skin that is firmer and more elastic.

Retinoids Lead to Smoother & Brighter Skin

Our skin cells naturally turn over every 28 days on average, but as we age, this process takes longer. Retinoids increase the rate at which skin cells on the outermost layer of skin turnover, resulting in the appearance of new cells at the surface. These new skin cells have fewer age spots, are more evenly toned and brighter and feel smoother as well.

Retinaldehyde Fights Acne

Retinaldehyde balances oil production, which helps to prevent pores from getting clogged and inflamed. It is also antibacterial. These two properties make it a useful tool in the fight against acne, helping to minimize blemishes.

While there are a range of retinoids to choose from, including prescription only retinoic acid to over the counter retinol and retinyl palmitate, we’ve chosen to formulate our A is for Anti-Aging Serum with retinaldehyde. Studies have shown that it is the most gentle of all retinoids, making it suitable for all skin types. If you’re interested in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improving the firmness and elasticity of your skin and minimizing blemishes, consider incorporating it into your nighttime skincare routine.


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48 reviews
Love, love, love!

I've only been using this serum for a couple of weeks and the difference in my skin is already noticeable. I have very sensitive skin and didn't have any irritation. I was able to use it daily from day 1. Love this product! It's going to be a staple in my arsenal from now on.

Works good but..

I have been using this deodorant for a couple weeks now and it works very well to keep door at bay. However it dries sticky and when I sweat it gets even more sticky. I will keep using fur a while to see if I can get past the sticky feeling, but not sure if I can. It’s too bad because it really does work.

Dear Sandy,

Thank you for your review. We're so pleased to hear that our deodorant is working very well for you! We're always happy to receive feedback from our customers as we try to improve our products. We will take your comment into consideration to improve the formulation. Thank you!

Customer Service

Terrible Rash

This worked for a few weeks and I started getting a painful red rash under my arms. I was about to purchase a set of 4 and I’m glad that I didn’t. I reached out to the company to inquire about what could have caused this as they claim to have products that don’t cause rashes. Of course no one ever replied. Will not purchase again

Dear Tara,

Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear that you experienced a reaction to our deodorant. It's formulated to be irritation free (pH friendly ingredients and without baking soda). Very occasionally you may experience discomfort or tingling, especially after shaving or if you have sensitive skin.
We've checked our records and are unable to locate an email or call from you regarding this issue. We've tried reaching out via email but haven't heard back. We stand by all our products and offer a full money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied. Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help resolve this issue.

Customer Service

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Jennifer C. (Princeton, US)
It works!

Happy to finally found a natural deodorant that actually works- worth every penny. Excited to try more scents, especially the lavender when it is back in stock.

Shea Body Butter
Jennifer C. (Princeton, US)
My new fave

This cream is my new fave. It's moisturizing without being greasy and absorbs well. The scent is crisp and clean without being overpowering. My husband and son have started using it and love it too! Might need another one to keep by the kitchen sink.

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