Go down the internet rabbit hole for long enough, and you’ll start to question if safe skincare products exist. Is danger lurking in those pretty bottles sitting on your counter? Thankfully, for the most part, there’s little cause for concern. Many companies (including us!) make safe skincare, and in this post, learn how to choose them.

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Regulations for Safe Skincare Products

You’ll often hear that skincare products aren’t regulated in countries like the United States and Canada. But, this just isn’t true. In the USA, the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, overseen by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), regulates cosmetics. And in Canada, Health Canada establishes guidelines for safe skincare. If you’re going to sell a product in Canada, it must be registered with Health Canada (ours are). The rules differ amongst countries, but most developed nations, including the European Union, Japan, Australia, and others, have agencies which set rules that cosmetics companies must comply with.

How can you protect yourself? Purchase from reputable companies whose products are registered with their country’s agency. Not sure? Ask. Unregistered products are a red flag that should make you reconsider your purchase.

Don’t Be Duped by Fear Marketing

While the ingredients in skincare products are regulated, the words used to market them are unfortunately, not! This leaves companies free to make claims or use terms that may not be backed by science or which are misleading. In some cases, it’s used to strike fear, getting you to purchase something.

At Apothekari, your wellness comes first. Our founder is a pharmacist and those values guide us in everything that we do. Scientific research dictates our formulations and we don’t resort to unsubstantiated claims. We stand by our products and operate with honesty and integrity. Fear isn’t something that we use to scare you into buying our products.

Choose Safe Skincare Products With These 3 Tips

In a world filled with lots of noise, who can you trust when it comes to choosing safe skincare products? Like shopping for anything, the key is to be an educated consumer. Beyond looking for products registered with the relevant regulatory body, and being wary of fear marketing, here’s what’s important:

  1. Is The Product Preserved? Despite what you may hear, preservatives are not scary! What is scary, are products that aren’t preserved. Preservatives are essential in any product that contains water to protect you from harm that may be caused by bacteria, fungi and mold. You may be  concerned about parabens, but many companies are now using alternatives.
    If the product contains water, AND says it’s preservative-free, then either the formulator is lying (some of the ingredients may contain preservatives and they don’t need to be listed on the label) or even worse, it’s made by someone putting your health at risk. Read more here.
  2. Get to Know Your Ingredients. Don’t be scared by chemicals, because whether synthetic or straight from nature, everything is a chemical. A ‘chemical-free’ product would not only be completely ineffective, it would be impossible to find. Good and bad ingredients can be ‘natural’, ‘green’ and ‘clean’ (unregulated marketing terms, which can mean anything), or made in a lab. It doesn’t matter where it comes from – what’s important is whether it’s safe and effective.
    Who to trust when it comes to ingredient safety? Again – be cautious about organizations who want to scare you. Here’s a good read.
  3. Understand What Works for You. We’re all unique so what works for your best friend may not be so great for your skin. Some of us may be fine with fragrances, while some of us may not. Only you know your body. Get used to reading labels so you can decide for yourself.

Knowledge is power. Where do you turn for information when it comes to the safety of your skincare products?


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39 reviews

I'm loving this deodorant from Apothekari! I'm very skeptical about natural deodorants because I perspire a lot and had always used antiperspirants. Wanting to go more natural, I've tried a few natural deodorants and this is by far the best. I can apply in the a.m., go overnight, and work out the next a.m. without having to reapply. I also love the smell. I have scent sensitivities and this citrus-ginger mix doesn't bother me at all. Super-happy with my purchase.

My recent order of apothecary

I’m so pleased with my products! My skin is already more radiant, pores are tighter !

Great deodorant!

I’ve tried many natural deodorants with mixed results. The Apothekari deodorant works GREAT, even when doing intense workouts. I also like the scent of all of the products. The skin of my underarms seems to have improved texture as well. I will definitely repurchase.

It works wonders! But strong scent...

This is the first and only natural deodorant that has kept me fresh for more than 6 hours. I put it on at night after my shower and it keeps me Oder free for around 12 hours. LUMÉ couldn’t do that for me! I wouldn’t buy this particular scent again though, I thought it would have a nice balance between the Neroli and Rose, but I cannot smell Rose at all - in my opinion it comes off smelling very manly. Next time I will order the lavender and bergamot scent.

The deodorant is great, gently shake and roll on. It’s very watery so I rub my arms back and forth to get it applied everywhere and then wait for a second in front of the fan before putting on a shirt. But it sooo worth it!!! Amazing deodorant and no rashes! My skin feels healthy. I have been using it for about a month.

Game Changer!

I've tried prescriptions and other products that claim to help with vaginal dryness and none compare to this product. So natural and no added hormones or perfumes. A real game changer for me! Also BEST name for this!

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