Organic Shea Body Butter – New!

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Apothekari Shea Body Butter is new to our store and we’re excited to share it with you! This Organic Shea Body Butter was a huge hit at our recent launch event held at Pure Pharmacy and we’re sure that you’re going to love it as much as everyone who attended the event. It can easily be added to your daily skin care routine and works best when applied after a shower or bath to aid in nourishing and conditioning your skin.

Apothekari Organic Shea Body Butter is an extra-rich and protective creme made with organic shea butter from Africa. Also known as karite, shea is indigenous to the savannah lands that extend from Senegal to eastern Uganda. By supporting African shea producers we help to increase the value of the living shea tree, engendering conservation of indigenous African woodland for future generations.

It penetrates deeply to heal dry, cracked, and callused skin and is also excellent as a daily hand crème, aiding in the health of cuticles and nails. Shea butter is a remarkable, all-purpose moisturizer and skin protector. It leaves the skin feeling soft and well-moisturized yet not greasy. Combined with healing herbs, food-grade fresh vegetable oils, natural vegetable waxes, and soothing aromatic lavender water, this shea body butter helps parched skin regain a fresh, supple texture. An exotic blend of lemongrass, geranium, litsea, and floral essential oils delivers a delightful, citrusy scent.

Our organic shea body butter also contains other unique ingredients, including safflower oil, which improves your skin’s health, while sunflower seed oil offers antioxidants. Aloe vera leaf juice and comfrey oil extract provides natural healing benefits. Both the lavender flower water and beeswax contain antibacterial properties. Orange peel wax and rosemary leaf extract help protect your skin from environmental stressors and fights free radicals. Wheat germ oil contains vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids and helps moisturize your skin. And the plantain leaf extract both soothes and cleanses your skin.

We know that this one will become a customer favorite!