Skin Care Trends For 2017: 5 To Watch For

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Wonder which skin care trends for 2017 to watch out for? Depending on who you ask and which blog you read, there are many! Here are 5 that you may find interesting:

5 Skincare Trends

1. You are What you Eat

If you’ve ever been to a naturopath then you’ll have heard the mantra that ‘Good health starts in the gut’. This year, watch out for probiotics being front and centre when it comes to beauty. Too many ‘bad’ bacteria and too few ‘good’ ones can affect your overall health, including that of your skin.

The recommendation is to incorporate foods and drinks that are rich in probiotics, including yogurt and fermented foods such as miso and sauerkraut. Kombucha anyone? While you will find brands offering topically applied probiotics as well, we haven’t seen much research to support their use as yet. I’d wait a while to indulge on this particular trend.

2. Hyaluronic Acid

Able to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid is and has been, a boon to dry, dehydrated and aging skin. It not only helps to keep moisture in the skin, it also diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. While hyaluronic acid is already a popular active in many skin care treatments, look for it to become even more popular this year.

You can find hyaluronic acid in our Bespoke Vitamin C 10% and 15% serums where it helps to moisturize skin while delivering beneficial antioxidant protection.

3. Gentle Cleansing

We may like the feeling of ‘squeaky clean’, but it may not be the best thing for our skin. Harsh cleansers and abrasive scrubs strip away natural oils and disrupt the skin’s pH leading to dryness, inflammation and irritation. Be gentle with your skin.

We love Cloud Nine Foaming Cleansing Crème to soothe while it gently cleanses. Suitable for sensitive skin too.

4. Rise of the Face Mask

Already gaining traction in 2016, look for an increase in the use of face masks this year. There is one for everybody, including masks to boost hydration, deliver light exfoliation and actives to skin. This is one trend that my teenagers are loving and it’s certain that more are to come!

Moringa Leaves5. Superfood Skin Care

Remember acai? Well, it’s still around. Beyond acai, however, many companies are bringing the kitchen to the beauty counter. Look out for salad ingredients including kale and broccoli as well as the more exotic sounding moringa, to be incorporated into topicals.

What do you think of these skin care trends for 2017? Do any appeal to you?