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I have been using deodorant from Apothekari, for 3 months now, and am extremely impressed. All three scents stand up to my abnormally sweaty lifestyle! I workout multiple times a day; hot yoga, hot HIIT, long distance running, as well as teach hot HIIT, and work at a hot yoga studio.
I can apply them to freshly shaved skin with no irritation. And, they do not leave ANY residue on my black workout gear. I have never found another natural deodorant that doesn’t leave residue, get crusty, or stain my shirts. I love that the scents are interesting, natural, earthy, but not overwhelming. I’m always on the hunt for a trusty deodorant, and it’s one of the few products I insist being chemical free, as I apply and reapply so much! They also do not require heavy application, and go a long way.