How to Layer Skin Care Treatments

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A topic that seems to generate a lot of confusion is how to layer skin care treatments. In a world of serums, essences, concentrates, emulsions, moisturizers and toners, the confusion probably isn’t all that surprising. I hope that this post helps to clarify how to do it right.

How to Layer Skin Care Treatments Right

While it is possible to layer most skin care products, there are a few steps that will help you to do it properly:

  1. Start With a Clean Canvas. Before applying any products to your face, cleanse it to remove dirt and make-up. This helps to create a clean base ensuring that the products you apply will be absorbed by the skin.
  2. Apply in the Correct Order. Apply treatments in order of weight and consistency, starting with the thinnest (runniest) in texture first. If you plan on applying two products similar in consistency, apply the one that addresses you major skin concern(s) first.
  3. Don’t Apply Too Much. Your skin can only absorb so much so start with a small amount and gently press into the skin. You shouldn’t have visible product remaining on the surface before applying the next one.
  4. Don’t Apply Too Many Products. A general rule of thumb is to layer up to 3 products, waiting about a minute between applications. This will allow products to be absorbed, leaving skin looking smooth and balanced vs gooey and messy.
  5. Finish off with Sunscreen. Sun protection should be the last thing you apply to skin. Sunscreens earn their SPF rating without any product going on over them. While this would be the way to do it in an ideal world, many of us use foundation and make-up. If that’s the case, apply it over your sunscreen.

Here’s an example of how to layer skin care products:

  1. If you like to use toners, apply this first.
  2. Follow with a target serum treatment like A is for Anti-Aging (PM) or Bespoke Vitamin C Serum (AM).
  3. Moisturize (Daily Infusion Moisturizer) or use an oil to seal everything in.
  4. Sunscreen (AM) goes on last. This step makes four so if you use all the products above, you may want to consider removing one.

I hope this makes sense and helps you to use your products for maximum benefit.