2017 Skin Care Trends: 5 Top Ones

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As this year draws to a close, it’s a good time to visit a few of the 2017 skin care trends. Many of the trends originate with indie beauty companies (like Apothekari) and while some may seem a bit out there to begin with, many gain traction and become mainstream after some time. Here are five that stood out this year:

Top Skin Care Trends

1. Masking

Google reported that wearing a face mask was the biggest skin care trend of 2017. Whether a sheet mask or a peel off mask, you’ll likely have seen many an Instagram blogger posting selfies of treatments incorporating ingredients like charcoal and turmeric.

2. Cleaner, Greener Options

People are taking more note of what goes on their skin and 2017 saw a continued rise in the search for green options, including those of the vegan variety. According to Google, searches for vegan skin-care products have risen by a whopping 83 percent within the last year in the U.S.

3. Ayurvedic Beauty is Becoming Mainstream

While the K-beauty trend is not going away anytime soon, we started to see brands and treatments incorporating Middle Eastern and South Asia wisdom with ingredients like turmeric. Beauty chocolates incorporating spices like cardamom and rose and inspired by Ayurveda also hit the aisles.

4. Crystal, Celestial, and Otherworldly Skin Care

The New York Times dubbed 2017 as “The Great Crystal Boom”, a trend that focuses all things lunar cycle, solar powered, and crystal-loving being infused into skin care products.

5. Men Are Taking Note of Skin Care

More men are becoming interested in their skin and companies are responding by offering more unisex products that appeal to both sexes. As well, there has been a growth in brands catering just to men. Which 2017 skin care trends appealed to you this year?