About Apothekari Skincare

We’ve been passionate about your skin’s wellness since 2013! And, our clinical formulations are designed especially for the needs of mature skin. Instead of fluff and hype, you’ll find safe and effective products made with naturally safe and scientifically proven ingredients to help you age with confidence, comfort and grace. Treat the skin on all your body’s places with our serums, deodorants and intimate care products.


Made With Naturally Safe Ingredients

Your body is always changing and mature skin has specific needs. Our formulations are designed to help you ride the waves of your body’s changes with skincare products that address your changing needs. Trust that we use only the safest and most effective clinically tested ingredients in our formulations.

Apothekari is made with the most trusted and powerful ingredients – those that are skin friendly and, which deliver results, improving the look and feel of your skin. Just as important as what is in our products is what is NOT. Read more about our ingredients here.


For All Your Body's Places​

Our founder Sharmani, is a pharmacist. But she’s a woman first! And like many mature women, she shared the frustration that they felt when it came to looking after their skin. She wasn’t interested in skin care products designed by 20 somethings—she wanted targeted treatments designed to address the needs of 40, 50 and 60+ skin. Plus, she wanted products to treat ALL the skincare changes that a woman may experience as she ages. Whether you’re experiencing dryness—on your face or down there, a change in body odor or are noticing that your skin has lost its glow, Apothekari is designed for women just like you.

Sharmani’s training and experience are the foundation for Apothekari. She researched ingredients and formulations, pored over clinical papers and then consulted experienced chemists to make it all happen. As a pharmacist, she knew that great products don’t work though, if you don’t use them. So she eliminated unnecessary items and redundant steps to make it easier to stick to a skincare routine.

The result is a line of no compromise, clinical formulations that are made with optimal concentrations of worry-free ingredients. Manage the natural changes in all your body’s places with safe and effective skincare products to help you age confidently, no matter your stage in life.


Apothekari comes from ‘apothecary’, the precursor of today’s pharmacies. Our modern-day boutique is filled with clinical products designed to nourish and address the skincare needs of mature women. Treat the skin on all your body’s places with serums, deodorants and intimate care products.


& Registered With Health Canada

Expect high standards! Apothekari is made in state-of-the-art facilities in North America, including our hometown of Vancouver. And, as a proud Canadian company, our products are registered with Health Canada, giving you peace of mind as well.

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to Healthy Skin in Your 40s & Beyond​

We’ve got busy lives and we know that you do too! When it comes to skincare, 12 step routines are definitely out (should they ever have been in?). At Apothekari, we embrace a minimalist approach to skincare that’s designed to simplify your skincare routine while still giving you healthy, radiant skin.