Travel Toiletry Bag: Santa Fe

Tomorrow I’m heading off on a short break to Santa Fe, New Mexico with my husband, Graham! And while I’m still mulling over which restaurants to eat at (priority and Santa Fe is foodie heaven) and sights to see – definitely Tent Rocks – I’m also planning my packing list. Short trips – in fact,… Read more »

4 Fall Skin Care Tips

These fall skin care tips are a great way to change up your skin care routine to ensure that you’re using the right products for the season. Much like we change our wardrobe when the weather changes, it’s a good idea to re-examine the products you’re using on your skin too. Summer is fantastic and… Read more »

What Makes You Buy Skin Care Products?

As someone who runs a skin care brand, I’m always curious to know what makes customers buy skin care products. There’s no shortage of choice and many outlets – drugstores, department stores, independent boutiques and the internet – to fulfill every possible need. One could peruse for hours, days, weeks, months. Certainly there must be… Read more »

Glycerin Skin Benefits

Glycerin, also known as glycerol or glycerine, is an ingredient used commonly in cosmetics. And there’s a reason why – this little ‘ole ingredient packs one hefty punch! Glycerin is present in all natural fats, both vegetable and animal. It also is found naturally in the skin as part of its NMF (natural moisturizing factor)… Read more »

September’s Be Beautiful Apothekari : Silvija

September’s Be Beautiful Apothekari: Silvija My “Be Beautiful”: Being beautiful to me means being happy and confident in my own skin. It sounds cliché, but beauty comes from within. Silvija, 40, Freelance Photographer, Love My Job, Boss of Me. “I am using a wide variety of Apothekari products, but my favourite has to be the A is… Read more »

Bidding Summer Farewell

Summer is hands down my favourite season of all. So, each year, as Labour Day approaches, I become a little sad. I’m a warm weather person and September often brings with it cooler days and chilly evenings. Many people are ecstatic as they complain about hot, sticky and humid weather, but I say bring it… Read more »

Handcrafted Skin Care – 5 Things to Watch Out For

There has been a movement of late toward ‘handcrafted’, ‘all-natural’, ‘small batch’, ‘artisanal’ and ‘hand-made’. Whether it’s cosmetics, food or beverages, the implication is that these products are somehow superior or safer for you to consume. While this may very well be the case in some instances, it’s not always true. When it comes to… Read more »

All About UV Rays

When it comes to the sun and the damage it can wreak upon skin, it’s the sun’s UV rays that we’re concerned about most. In this post I discuss the different types of UV rays and the impact they have on your skin. Plus, I”ll look at ways to protect yourself. The sun emits all… Read more »

How To Develop A Skin Care Formula

I know a lot about skin and skin care, but when it comes to creating and manufacturing a skin care formula, it’s time to get the experts involved. Cosmetic formulation is a complex science and despite a solid science background courtesy of my Pharmacy degree, I have nowhere near the kind of expertise or equipment… Read more »

Summer Reads 2017

Last time I checked, school was out and I was looking forward to a long summer filled with dinners outside, hikes through local trails, days on the beach and me reading a few novels. Here it is mid-August and while I’ve had a wonderful summer so far, it is flying by way too fast! I… Read more »

Probiotics For Skin: Worth the Hype?

Are probiotics for skin care worth the hype? Manufacturers of probiotics claim a host of benefits to our general health, but studies have shown more moderate ones from these ‘friendly bacteria’: A reduction in diarrhea (infectious and associated with antiobiotic use) Certain probiotic strains help in mild to moderate ulcerative colitis (a type of inflammatory… Read more »