What I’m Reading Now 2017

Here in the Pacific Northwest, autumn (and hints of winter I may add!) is in full swing. Many people I know welcome the cooler weather, but I’m still pining for sunshine and heat. That feeling is likely to continue until it warms up again – it’s just the way I roll! While I may not… Read more »

Apothekari Retailers (& Pop-Ups) Now!

In this post, we’re excited to share our new Apothekari Retailers and our participation in a Pop-Up too! Although you can shop for Apothekari at our online store, we understand the importance of being able to touch and feel before you buy. For that reason, we’re proud to partner with a couple of wonderful retailers… Read more »

Apothekari Ingredients Dictionary

The Apothekari Ingredients Dictionary is now live on our website! We’ve been working hard to provide a list and definition of all the ingredients used in our scientific skin care line and hope that you’ll find this feature useful when doing research into selecting the best products for your skin care needs. We know that you… Read more »

Gentle Skin Care: 5 Tips to Kindness

Many of us think that radiant and healthy looking skin means aggressive treatment with lots of products, yet a focus on gentle skin care may be what your skin really needs. And not just sensitive skin either. All skin types look and feel better when handled with kindness. The key to a gentle skin care… Read more »

November’s Be Beautiful Apothekari : Nathalie

NOVEMBER’S Be Beautiful Apothekari: Nathalie My “Be Beautiful”: Being beautiful is knowing who you are. Nathalie, 47, Wife, Mother, Design Connoisseur, Realtor with Heart. “The Bamboo Lemongrass scrub is heaven in a jar! It feels velvety soft to the touch and lathers quite beautifully. I have smooth new born skin every time I exfoliate my body with… Read more »

5 Scary Skin Care Habits

In honour of Halloween, today’s post outlines 5 scary skin care habits. These are things we should minimize or avoid as much as possible to ensure the health and wellness of our skin. Smoking. You already know it’s bad for your health; it’s also bad for your skin. Smoking breaks down elastic fibers in the… Read more »

Stability Testing Cosmetics

Stability testing cosmetics is an important step in the manufacturer of products to ensure that the end result is something that is effective and safe. Well formulated and stable treatments are not only safe and effective, they are also much more pleasant to use. Like many of you, I’ve purchased cosmetics that separate, or start… Read more »

Vancouver Restaurants I’m Loving Now

Our THANKS-giving Promotion has been extended till Sunday, October 16th. All online orders qualify for FREE SHIPPING + a 15 g sample of our DAILY INFUSION MOISTURIZER. No minimum purchase required. Code THANKS at checkout. If you didn’t know it before, you know now – I LOVE food! I love talking about it, dreaming about… Read more »