Sharmani’s Story

Sharmani-Pillay-Apothekari-Pharmacist-HealthMy Promise To You  – You’ve Come To the Right Place!

A Pharmacy Degree
+ A Desire to Help People
+ A Thirst for Knowledge
= Apothekari Skincare!

Seeking work-life balance after the birth of my two daughters, I launched an online retail business, which became a success selling a range of products: treatments for a range of medical conditions, women’s wellness and skin care products.

It was in the area of skin care that I realized I could deliver the most value. While truly effective products exist, the area is very confusing. Marketing, a myriad of products and hype make it difficult for people to sift through the good and bad to determine what’s right for them. I leaned on my training as a Pharmacist to help customers see beyond that. People deserve more than what’s on offer today and I knew that I could provide products that genuinely met individual needs.

Enter Apothekari. My science based line of skin care treatments is the culmination of years of research and a passion for solutions – made with optimal concentrations of pure, clinically safe ingredients specially designed to provide the best possible outcome for your skin type, regardless of age.

If you’re looking for serious skin care that delivers results, you’ve come to the right place. It’s my promise to you that I will continue to develop and offer advanced and innovative treatments which will make a difference to your skin.

Thank you for your trust,

Sharmani Apothekari signature

What You May Not Know About Me

  • Hot yoga is my zen
  • Red over white, except in the summer. Then rosé confuses things
  • One thing you’ll always find in my make-up bag? Lipstick – usually red
  • The best way to spend Friday evening is at home with my family, eating take-out or a simple but indulgent home cooked meal and watching TV. (I’m a sucker for shows about people behaving badly)
  • When I’m lazing but still want to eat something fabulous cooked at home, I’m all over a rib-eye steak, Caesar salad (with my home-made dressing) and oven fries. Did someone say red wine?!
  • I love to geek out on all things wellness, especially nutrition & women’s health and beauty
  • Tropical beaches over winter getaways
  • I am at heart, a couch potato. And I fight that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  • Introvert (though time has allowed me to display some extroversion as well)
  • Bossy, but usually in a very nice way…at least, I like to think that
  • Foodie
  • Travel lover. In an ideal world and if money were no object (it always is, though, right?) ‘Rustic Luxury’ is how I like to roll.
  • Bookworm. Fiction mostly
  • Supporter of Plan Canada. Because I Am a Girl