If you’re serious about skincare, you likely know that vitamin C (as found in our Bespoke Vitamin C 15% Serum) is a must have in your routine and in this post, let’s help you find the best vitamin c serum for your face.

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What is Vitamin C?

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Vitamin C belongs to a group of molecules known as antioxidants, substances which stop oxidation, a chemical reaction that results in the production of free radicals. Often referred to as ROS – reactive oxygen species – free radicals are harmful substances which can damage cells. The sun’s UV rays, pollution and cigarette smoke are some of the biggest contributors to the development of free radicals.

Antioxidants like vitamin C are able to protect against free radical damage by donating one of their electrons to stop the chain reaction that results in damage. They do this without making themselves unstable. Damaged proteins, lipids and DNA in skin accelerate the aging process resulting in a change in skin structure. They can also trigger inflammation, leading to a breakdown of collagen. The end result? More wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, saggier skin along with some types of skin cancer.

Why You Need a Vitamin C Serum

Our bodies manufacture some antioxidants, which deliver a range of body-wide benefits, but vitamin C isn’t one of them. In order to obtain adequate amounts of Vitamin C, it’s important to consume foods like fruits and vegetable (citrus fruits, guavas, bell peppers and kiwi fruit contain high amounts), which are rich in this important vitamin.

Vitamin C is involved in many bodily processes:

  • Collagen production
  • Neurotransmitter production
  • Plays a role in protein metabolism
  • Assists with wound healing.

Its antioxidant properties help limit the damage caused by free radicals and may help to prevent the development of certain diseases including cancer. A lack of vitamin C leads to scurvy, that condition experienced by sailors on long sea voyages in the mid-19th century.

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Vitamin C Skin Benefits

Vitamin C is a normal part of the skin’s makeup, but aging causes a decline. Excessive exposure to UV light, pollution (including smoke and ozone) can also lower the skin’s Vitamin C content. While skin benefits from a vitamin C rich diet, skin care experts agree that topical application is the most efficient way to get good concentrations to skin where it helps in several ways:

  • Limits damage caused by UV rays
  • Contributes to collagen synthesis which helps to support skin
  • Increases skin hydration. Studies suggest that vitamin C helps skin retain moisture by reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Additionally, it may promote the synthesis of lipids, which helps to further protect against dryness.
  • Skin Lightening/Brightening. Vitamin C reduces the production of melanin, which can help to lighten and brighten skin tone.

How to Choose the Best Vitamin C Serum for Your Face

L-ascorbic acid is the form of Vitamin C that has the most research to back up its skin benefits, but many other effective forms of Vitamin C are available as well. This includes ascorbyl glucoside, amino ascorbyl phosphate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, etc. All can help skin and should be evaluated individually when deciding which is the best vitamin c serum for your face.

If you decide that the best vitamin C serum for your face is one that contains L-ascorbic acid, ensure that you purchase from a reputable brand. L-ascorbic acid, while highly effective, is also notoriously unstable. If a serum you are using contains this ingredient and is dark in colour or smells odd, don’t use it as it has likely oxidized and will be ineffective and potentially harmful to your skin. At Apothekari, each bottle of our L-ascorbic acid serum – Bespoke Vitamin C Serum – is made to order ensuring that every bottle is safe and effective for 6 -8 months after purchase.

Vitamin C works best when combined with other antioxidants including Vitamin E, ferulic acid, green tea, resveratrol and coenzyme Q10, to name a few. Skin benefits most from formulations containing a combination of ingredients, which work together to deliver benefits. Wherever possible, Vitamin C serums should be applied in the morning prior to UV exposure as UV rays are one of the biggest generators of free radicals.

Are you ready to choose the best vitamin C serum for your face?


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Love, love, love!

I've only been using this serum for a couple of weeks and the difference in my skin is already noticeable. I have very sensitive skin and didn't have any irritation. I was able to use it daily from day 1. Love this product! It's going to be a staple in my arsenal from now on.

Works good but..

I have been using this deodorant for a couple weeks now and it works very well to keep door at bay. However it dries sticky and when I sweat it gets even more sticky. I will keep using fur a while to see if I can get past the sticky feeling, but not sure if I can. It’s too bad because it really does work.

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Terrible Rash

This worked for a few weeks and I started getting a painful red rash under my arms. I was about to purchase a set of 4 and I’m glad that I didn’t. I reached out to the company to inquire about what could have caused this as they claim to have products that don’t cause rashes. Of course no one ever replied. Will not purchase again

Dear Tara,

Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear that you experienced a reaction to our deodorant. It's formulated to be irritation free (pH friendly ingredients and without baking soda). Very occasionally you may experience discomfort or tingling, especially after shaving or if you have sensitive skin.
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