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We have the BEST customers and their skincare reviews make us proud to do what we do – provide naturally safe essentials for beautiful & healthy skin!  We’re excited to share share them with you here; we’ve got a few.

We’re passionate about wellness for your skin and that affects everything we do at Apothekari. We research and consult with experts before we formulate, and our attention to detail ensures that your skin benefits from effective ingredients and sound formulations. Plus, our products are a pleasure to use. The end result is what makes it all worthwhile – healthy, radiant, glowing and beautiful skin!

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Many of you tell us that when you start using Apothekari, that friends – strangers too! – sit up and take notice. That you start getting compliments on your skin’s appearance. When you start paying attention to taking good care of your skin, beautiful, healthy skin is sure to follow.

Healthy skin relies on choosing the right products and using them consistently. And, we’ve helped 100s of women to feel better about their skin. Skincare doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, skin craves fewer products, not more! Apothekari’s effortless approach to skincare requires just a handful of products in your skincare routine. Plus, it won’t take all day. Just a few minutes every morning and each night and you’ll notice an improvement.*

Skincare Reviews From Our Clients

These skincare reviews come from our clients, bloggers and retailers, who have all used Apothekari and happily sent us their feedback.

If you’ve used Apothekari and love our products, we would love to receive your skincare reviews too! Let’s help more people experience the gift of beautiful, healthy skin! Simply click on the link above to submit a review.

*Because of how our skin renews itself, it can take six to eight weeks to notice a difference. Don’t give up too early!

  • I am SO GLAD that I have discovered Apothekari Skincare ~Trysh, Beauty Blogger,

    Honestly, I am SO GLAD that I have discovered Apothekari Skincare. I absolutely love their philosophy and the way they formulate their products and it falls so completely in line with the way that I think about skin care personally that it almost feels like this is the brand I’ve been waiting for.

    Lemon-Rose-Moisturizing-Body-Oil-Apothekari-Skincare Lavender-Bergamot-Natural-Deodorant-Roll-On-Apothekari-Skincare
  • I only need to apply once a day and I’m good to go. HIGHLY recommend! ~Jayne, Beauty Blogger,

    *Received as press sample*

    Pricing per bottle is definitely up there, but I think much like skincare, if you have struggled to find a deodorant that works for you, the price won’t be as much of an issue because something like this can have a huge impact on your life. One bottle should last about 3-4 months with daily use which I think is fairly close to most deodorants. While I know there are baking soda-free options (baking soda can cause skin irritations due to pH disruptions) and options that use Deoplex, I have yet to find a combination of Deoplex and lactic acid which may be what’s working for me. Honestly, the only thing I didn’t enjoy was that “wet” feeling when I would first apply it, but after 15 seconds it dries down AND it doesn’t stain clothing so that’s a huge plus. Even though I received this as a press sample, I would buy this deodorant on my own as I didn’t just smell good at the end of a long day, but I smelled like absolutely NOTHING which is WAY better to me than smelling like “I’m covering something up” or like body odour. I also trust and appreciate the research I know Apothekari has invested into making sure the formulation is scientifically sound so I know that’s also partly where my dollars are going. I only need to apply once a day and I’m good to go so one bottle might even last more more than 4 months at the rate I’m going! HIGHLY recommend and even though all three scents had the same results, my preferred scent was the Lavender as it just one of my favourite scents overall!

  • I have been using deodorant from Apothekari, for 3 months now, and am extremely impressed ~Chelsea Brennan, Model/Actress, Yogi, Vancouver

    I have been using deodorant from Apothekari, for 3 months now, and am extremely impressed. All three scents stand up to my abnormally sweaty lifestyle! I workout multiple times a day; hot yoga, hot HIIT, long distance running, as well as teach hot HIIT, and work at a hot yoga studio.
    I can apply them to freshly shaved skin with no irritation. And, they do not leave ANY residue on my black workout gear. I have never found another natural deodorant that doesn’t leave residue, get crusty, or stain my shirts. I love that the scents are interesting, natural, earthy, but not overwhelming. I’m always on the hunt for a trusty deodorant, and it’s one of the few products I insist being chemical free, as I apply and reapply so much! They also do not require heavy application, and go a long way.

  • Your deodorant is actually miraculous! ~MC, Speech Language Pathologist, West Vancouver

    Your deodorant is actually miraculous! I’ve tried every kind of deodorant before with varying degrees of mediocre success. Yours manages to actually work through Barre fitness classes and in my office otherwise called the boiler room!! I’m sincerely so impressed with the deodorant that I’m going to start buying it for pals for birthday gifts. Everyone is on the hunt for a deodorant that actually works and yours does! I will definitely be buying more.



  • I love Apothekari’s Natural Deodorants because they work! But there’s more… ~Maddie Monroe, Editor, Toronto Beauty Reviews

    With other natural deodorants, I’ve had to apply a few times a day to feel comfortable. But with Apothekari’s version, a few swipes in the morning is all I need to stay fresh all day. Plus the fragrances are amazing; luxe without being overpowering.

    I also love that that these deodorants are healthy and good for my skin. In my months of using these deodorants, I’ve had absolutely no irritation or negative reaction. My underarm skin feels smooth, and the level of odour control is astounding. Consider me a natural deodorant convert!

  • Join the body odour revolution! ~Noa Nichol, Editor-in-Chief, Vita Daily

    After more than two years of research, the earth-loving, cruelty free beauty brand Apothekari has finally released its new natural deodorants with a unique formulation that’s totally free of aluminum, parabens and irritating baking soda. Among the product’s mild, natural and environmentally friendly (not to mention healthy) ingredients: an enzyme that neutralizes odours caused by perspiration, leaving you smelling fresh all day! Best of all, this all-day body-odour busting formula boasts an easy roll-on application and goes on clear (translation: it’s non-staining and won’t leave you with messy mitts, either).

    Thanks Apothekari, for helping us sweat more confidently than ever!

  • I love, love, love Apothekari deodorant! ~Carollynn, Chandler, AZ

    I love, love, love Apothekari deodorant! I am allergic to anti-perspirants. I have spent years trying to find a product that works, especially in the hot climate here in Arizona. This deodorant not only works, but keeps me fresh and odor free for over 24 hours! The grapefruit ginger fragrance is lovely and subtle. Thank you, thank you!

  • I am absolutely IN LOVE 😍 with Apothekari! ~Tanya, (B.N., Medical Aesthetician), Self Aesthetics, Winnipeg

    I am absolutely IN LOVE 😍 with Apothekari! A is for Anti-Aging Retinol Serum has changed my skin. I suffered from adult acne and I have not had a single pimple since I started using this Ah-mazing serum. Not to mention how firm and bright my skin is.
    The Aha-Mazing Exfoliating Cleanser leaves my skin smooth and beautifully prepped for my serum. And Made in Canada! It’s the whole package!

    A-is-for-Anti-Aging-Retinal-Serum-Apothekari-Skincare AHA-Mazing-Clean-Exfoliating-Cleansing-Gel-Apothekari-Skincare
  • At last, I found a natural deodorant that really works and is healthier to boot! ~Kathy, Kake2Kale, Vancouver, BC

    At last, I found a natural deodorant that really works and is healthier to boot! My lengthy search for an effective deodorant with clean ingredients (especially without shea butter, baking soda + aluminum) ended when I found Apothekari’s natural deodorant. It works better than any that I’ve tried – lasting without reapplication and non-staining on my clothes. Love the Lavender Bergamot scent and that it’s made in Vancouver! I’m no longer self conscious ’cause I smell and feel good all the time.The quality is well worth the cost.

    My search is over. I’m thankful that I finally found an effective natural deodorant!

  • Definitely the best natural deodorant I’ve tried ~Joanne W, Administrative Assistant, Vancouver, BC

    I have been using Apothekari’s natural deodorant for a few months now and it really works! Definitely the best natural deodorant I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot! No odor, no irritation and it lasts all day. It works for my teen son, too, and he has reacted to natural deodorants in the past. I highly recommend this product!

  • We love this natural deodorant! ~Rita, Office Manager, Vancouver, BC

    We love this natural deodorant! Up until now, deodorants have been disappointingly ineffective, forcing us to go back to the dreaded antiperspirants. But this one actually works! It’s been about two months now and it’s still working! Even man-smells and teen-smells are no match.

  • Love the new Lemon Rose Body Oil ~Kate, Vancouver, BC

    Cannot stop using the Lemon Rose Body Oil! One pump mixed in with my body lotion makes me feel like I’m doing something extra special for my skin.