Be Beautiful

In 2017, we feature one beautiful woman each month in our Be Beautiful campaign as a reminder to us all to embrace our inner and outer beauty. 

SEPTEMBER’S Be Beautiful: Silvija

My “Be Beautiful”: Being beautiful to me means being happy and confident more…

Silvija, 40, Freelance Photographer, Love My Job, Boss of Me.

Silvija Be Beautiful Apothekari

AUGUST’S Be Beautiful: Kristina

My “Be Beautiful”: To me to Be “Beautiful” means Feeling comfortable more…
Kristina, 50. Web Content Creator, Small Business Owner, Political Junkie, Wife, Mother, Lover of Good Food & Good People.

August's Be Beautiful Apothekari: Kristina

JULY’S Be Beautiful: Joanne

My “Be Beautiful”: To me to Be “Beautiful” means to always be myself. more…
Joanne, 45. Wife, Mother, Food Lover, Avid Walker & Neat Freak.

July Be Beautiful Apothekari: Joanne1 JUNE’S Be Beautiful: Einat

My “Be Beautiful”: When I think about the women in my life, they come in more…
Einat, 48. Wife, Mother, Avid Gardener & Bonafide Crazy Cat Lady.

June's Be Beautiful Apothekari: Einat

MAY’S Be Beautiful: Gayle

My “Be Beautiful”: Apothekari products have improved my skin so much that more…
Gayle, 45, Wife, Mother, Senior Travel Consultant — Adventurer, Globetrotter.

Gayle 1: Apothekari Be Beautiful May

APRIL’S Be Beautiful: Helena

My “Be Beautiful”: Being beautiful means accepting my body and mind and more…
Helena, 46, Wife, Mother, Stager Extraordinaire and Bargain Huntress

Helena April Be Beautiful 1

MARCH’S Be Beautiful: Desh

My “Be Beautiful”: Being beautiful has to do with living your life more…
Desh, 51, Speech-Language Pathologist, Co-Founder

March's Be Beautiful Apothekari: Desh

FEBRUARY’S Be Beautiful: Danielle

My “Be Beautiful”: Having nice, bright, healthy skin and being fit, more…
Danielle, 49, Business Instructor

Danielle - 1 - smaller

 JANUARY’S Be Beautiful: Marie-Claude

My “Be Beautiful”: My skin radiates using Apothekari and more…
MC, 54, Speech  Language Pathologist

January's Be Beautiful - Marie-Claude