Apothekari Skin and Travel

When it comes to your skin and travel in hot weather, there is one thing that all experts agree upon – bring the sunscreen!

As the countdown begins for our long-awaited family trip to Cambodia, it’s down to the nitty-gritty. All the details are done – flight booked, hotels arranged and various excursions mapped out. Now, what to pack. Like many travelers these days, I’m foregoing checked luggage for a carry-on. In addition to it being less costly, the convenience of avoiding checking in your bags and then waiting to collect them on the other side outweighs the luxury of having a different outfit to wear every day. Besides, you’re never going to see the same people every day (except for your family and they won’t care) and when it’s hot out, it’s easy to wash and wear.

I’m still tweaking my clothing for my tropical getaway, but my skin travel bag details are nearly finalized. Here’s what I plan to pack:

  1. Anthelios Sunscreen. Everyone’s favourite, including mine, this sunscreen has travelled wide and far with me and my family. This year I’m packing Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Crème (for my face) and Anthelios XL SPF 50 Kids (alas now discontinued but I have a bottle saved from last year) for long days spent outside. Formulations designed for children have staying power so when it comes to skin and travel, this one gets a thumbs up, especially in hot climates when there will be plenty of perspiration involved. We’ll be putting the kids lotion into smaller containers so that it meets travel guidelines for carry-on items.
  2. Apothekari Bespoke Vitamin C 10% Serum. This high potency antioxidant serum, featuring L-ascorbic acid is something I apply daily under my sunscreen. Its ability to fight free radicals generated by pollution and UV rays encountered when you put skin and travel together, can’t be dismissed.
  3. Apothekari A is for Anti-Aging Retinal Serum. I have been applying this wonderful hydrating serum nightly for many years now. It forms the backbone to my skin care regimen and I never leave home without it. In addition to helping skin to regenerate, it helps to protect against damage from UV rays and inhibits skin pigmentation, which can be exacerbated upon exposure to intense sunlight.
  4. Apothekari AHA-Mazing Clean Exfoliating Cleansing Gel. I tend to switch things up between AHA-Mazing Clean and Cloud Nine Foaming Cleansing Crème. After a long winter (this year has been a very long one indeed!) of super gentle cleansing, I’m ready for one that exfoliates.

If you think I’ve forgotten the moisturizer, it’s one product that I generally skip when travelling to hot climates. My face loves the humidity and dryness is never an issue. However, when it comes to my body, especially my legs, that’s a different story. Especially if I’ve been out in the sun all day. Apothekari Shea Body Butter (transferred to a smaller jar) helps to alleviate dryness. Not a surprise at all, but perusing skin care products when I travel is something I love to do so I may come home with a treat or two.

Getting ready for Cambodia

Now to get packing and arrange the very last details. Which novels am I taking – I devour them when I travel – how many pairs of shoes and oh, I mustn’t forget the antiperspirant. If spring break takes you afar this year, bon voyage!