Vulvar and vaginal dryness are a common, yet ‘silent’ problem because many women feel embarrassed to talk about it with their partners, friends and even doctors. It can have a really negative impact on quality of life, yet only a quarter of women seek treatment. We’re here to change that and that’s why we’re so excited to share our newest product with you! You moisturize the rest of your body so why not your vulva and vagina? More Than Lip Service helps to treat the symptoms associated with vulvar & vaginal dryness, allowing you to embrace life again.

Vulvar & Vaginal Dryness Are Quite Common

Over half of women aged between 51 and 60 experience vulvar & vaginal dryness, leading to pain, irritation and burning. While it’s more common in older women, younger women aren’t immune. Around 17% of women aged 18-50 experience issues, even before menopause. The changes associated with aging is the main cause, but feminine sprays and harsh soaps, swimming pool & hot tub chemicals, detergents, and some medications can also lead to vaginal dryness. It may also be problematic during sexual intercourse, resulting in pain along with intimacy issues.

Here’s What Causes It

A normal, healthy vagina:
  • Is kept supple and moist with natural lubrication produced by glands at the neck of the womb (the cervix). This moisture makes its way slowly down through the vagina, keeping it clean and removing dead cells. The moisture is slightly acidic, helping to keep the area, including the vulva and the labia healthy, preventing infections like thrush. Most women may notice a slight white vaginal discharge – this is perfectly normal.
  • The Bartholin’s glands (two glands at the entrance of the vagina) produce extra moisture to aid sexual intercourse when a woman is aroused. However, a quarter of women aged 50-59 experience vaginal dryness problems during sex and 16% experience pain.
  • In addition to the natural lubrication that makes its way down through the vagina, there’s also a thin layer of moisture that coats the walls of the vagina. This moisture helps sperm travel and survive in for sexual reproduction. It also helps to reduce friction during sexual intercourse.
As a woman gets older, a decline in estrogen production can cause the vaginal walls to thin, resulting in fewer cells that secrete moisture. Apart from age, vulvar and/or vaginal dryness may be associated with:
  • Breastfeeding
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Depression
  • Excessive stress
  • Immune system disorders, such as Sjögren syndrome
  • Childbirth
  • Rigorous exercise
  • Some cancer treatments, such as radiation to the pelvis, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy
  • Surgical removal of the ovaries
  • Some medications, including douching, as well as some creams and lotions that are applied to the vaginal area.

These Are the Symptoms of Vulvar & Vaginal Dryness

Vulvar & vaginal dryness cause discomfort in the vaginal and pelvic regions along including:
  1. Burning
  2. Loss of interest in sex
  3. Painful sexual intercourse
  4. Light bleeding following intercourse
  5. Soreness
  6. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) that don’t go away or that reoccur
  7. Vaginal itching or stinging
Beyond painful intercourse, untreated vaginal dryness can cause sores or cracking in the vagina’s tissues. It’s important to seek immediate medical attention if severe vaginal bleeding occurs.

This is How to Treat Vulvar & Vaginal Dryness

Although not life-threatening, vulvar & vaginal dryness can seriously impact your quality of life. Thankfully, treatments are available.
  1. Over-the-counter Lubricants. Similar to natural lubrication, these provide temporary relief from dryness and discomfort. Apply them to the area around the vulva (lips) and vagina just before sexual intercourse.
  2. Over-the-counter Vaginal Moisturizers. Longer lasting than lubricants, moisturizers like More Than Lip Service are designed to be used two to three times a week. They may be used externally or used internally and their effect lasts for days.
  3. Hormonal Treatments. Available by prescription, these creams and rings contain the estrogen hormone, which is released directly to the tissues. Pills are also an option.
Studies have shown that vaginal moisturizers made with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E (like More Than Lip Service) are comparable in efficacy to hormonal treatments and without the risk of side effects. (1,2) Check with your health care provider if you aren’t sure regarding your options.
(2) Stute, Petra. Is vaginal hyaluronic acid as effective as vaginal estriol for vaginal dryness relief?Multicenter Study Arch Gynecol Obstet . 2013 Dec;288(6):1199-201.

Sharmani Pillay

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My Fave Four Apothekari products

The first product I purchased from Apothekari was the A for Anti Aging. I have Never been able to tolerate retinol products and always ended up bailing because of dry flaky skin. Until A for Anti Aging. It's Amazing! I have now added the Vitamin C, the Deodorant (Neroli Rose is my current favourite but the Lavender is great too), and most recently the More than Lip Service (thank you thank you thank you Apothekari :)). While deodorant and vaginal moisturizer may sound like odd gifts, these are my latest go-to's for the gal who has everything. All have become fans!

THIS WORKS! No odour for 24+ hours including a yoga session!

I'm blown away by how effective this is, and by how clean and well thought out the formula is. I'm not used to roll-on so that took a couple days to adjust to, but its so much more effective than the solids/creams i was using that it is totally worth it. I'm converted - and i think i have probably tried 90% of the natural deodorants out there over the last 10 years LOL. thank you for creating this.

I love this body oil!

This is so luxurious and moisturizing (i have dry, sensitive skin and most oils don't do the trick) and also miraculously absorbs very quickly. And the lemon rose scent is just transporting - i look forward to using this after my shower.

Bespoke Vitamin C Serum

I love it! Been using it for years. It’s so perfect to put on right after I wash in the morning. I’ve never been the greatest at sticking to a skin care routine but using the Vitamin C in the morning and A is for Anti-aging at night consistently over the years has kept my skin young and firm.
Would not want to imagine life (or my skin) without these two essentials. Thank you Sharmani!

*Received as press sample*

Pricing per bottle is definitely up there, but I think much like skincare, if you have struggled to find a deodorant that works for you, the price won't be as much of an issue because something like this can have a huge impact on your life. One bottle should last about 3-4 months with daily use which I think is fairly close to most deodorants. While I know there are baking soda-free options (baking soda can cause skin irritations due to pH disruptions) and options that use Deoplex, I have yet to find a combination of Deoplex and lactic acid which may be what's working for me. Honestly, the only thing I didn't enjoy was that "wet" feeling when I would first apply it, but after 15 seconds it dries down AND it doesn't stain clothing so that's a huge plus. Even though I received this as a press sample, I would buy this deodorant on my own as I didn't just smell good at the end of a long day, but I smelled like absolutely NOTHING which is WAY better to me than smelling like "I'm covering something up" or like body odour. I also trust and appreciate the research I know Apothekari has invested into making sure the formulation is scientifically sound so I know that's also partly where my dollars are going. I only need to apply once a day and I'm good to go so one bottle might even last more more than 4 months at the rate I'm going! HIGHLY recommend and even though all three scents had the same results, my preferred scent was the Lavender as it just one of my favourite scents overall!

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