Some natural deodorants are healthier than others and better for you. Here’s why – in this post.

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Our Natural Deodorants Are pH Balanced

You’ve likely heard the term ‘pH balanced’ when it comes to skincare, but do you know why it matters when it comes to natural deodorants?

pH is a measurement of how acidic or alkaline something is and the pH scale ranges from 0-14, with a high pH being alkaline and a low pH being acidic. 7 is considered neutral. Our skin is naturally acidic, varying around a pH of 4.5-6.5. It’s important to maintain this level to enable the ‘acid mantle’, the fine layer that sits on top of our skin, to function properly, retaining moisture and keeping germs out as well. In most cases, pH-balanced is considered to be between pH 4 and pH 7.

Skincare products that you leave on your skin, like natural deodorants, should respect the skin’s pH, to help keep it healthy. Many natural deodorants are formulated with baking soda, which leads to a very high pH, 8-9. Over time, this disruption in your skin’s pH can lead to itching and irritation including rashes and even chemical burns. It’s the reason that Apothekari Natural Deodorant is free from baking soda and has a pH that will keep your skin happy and irritation free.


Some Natural Deodorants Contain The Aluminum You’re Trying to Avoid!

We often choose natural deodorants in order to avoid certain ingredients like parabens and aluminum, so it’s important to read labels to make sure this is the case.

Some natural deodorants claim to be aluminum free yet may contain kaolin clay (chemical formula Al2Si2O5(OH)4), or aluminum and silica. Aluminum is an ingredient found in anti-perspirants and it works by blocking your sweat glands to prevent you from perspiring and helping to prevent odor. While there is some concern that aluminum may be linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, there’s little evidence to suggest that’s the case. Aluminum does, however, have a tendency to stain clothing and can cause skin irritation so it may be a good idea to avoid it for those reasons.

If you’re trying to avoid aluminum, make sure that your natural deodorant is free from kaolin clay, as ours is.

Our Unique Formulation is Different

If you look closely at ingredient lists, you’ll notice that most natural deodorants contain baking soda, often combined with essential oils to mask odor. The high pH from baking soda not only leads to skin irritation, but also disrupts your skin’s natural habitat, killing the good bacteria that help keep skin healthy.

At Apothekari, we avoid baking soda in our deodorant, relying instead on ingredients including odor neutralizing enzymes. Our formulation not only prevents body odor but also helps to keep our skin’s protective barrier intact. Learn more about how our natural deodorant is different here.

Truly free from aluminum, parabens and baking soda, we believe our natural deodorant is a healthier alternative to others. Are you ready to give Apothekari a try?


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I'm loving this deodorant from Apothekari! I'm very skeptical about natural deodorants because I perspire a lot and had always used antiperspirants. Wanting to go more natural, I've tried a few natural deodorants and this is by far the best. I can apply in the a.m., go overnight, and work out the next a.m. without having to reapply. I also love the smell. I have scent sensitivities and this citrus-ginger mix doesn't bother me at all. Super-happy with my purchase.

My recent order of apothecary

I’m so pleased with my products! My skin is already more radiant, pores are tighter !

Great deodorant!

I’ve tried many natural deodorants with mixed results. The Apothekari deodorant works GREAT, even when doing intense workouts. I also like the scent of all of the products. The skin of my underarms seems to have improved texture as well. I will definitely repurchase.

It works wonders! But strong scent...

This is the first and only natural deodorant that has kept me fresh for more than 6 hours. I put it on at night after my shower and it keeps me Oder free for around 12 hours. LUMÉ couldn’t do that for me! I wouldn’t buy this particular scent again though, I thought it would have a nice balance between the Neroli and Rose, but I cannot smell Rose at all - in my opinion it comes off smelling very manly. Next time I will order the lavender and bergamot scent.

The deodorant is great, gently shake and roll on. It’s very watery so I rub my arms back and forth to get it applied everywhere and then wait for a second in front of the fan before putting on a shirt. But it sooo worth it!!! Amazing deodorant and no rashes! My skin feels healthy. I have been using it for about a month.

Game Changer!

I've tried prescriptions and other products that claim to help with vaginal dryness and none compare to this product. So natural and no added hormones or perfumes. A real game changer for me! Also BEST name for this!

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